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Vessel Management

DP1 Offshore Surveyor fully mobed with Swift XL work ROV class

The vessel management services provided by Deep Sea Offshore International cover all aspects of vessel performance, focusing on safe and environmentally sound operations, planned maintenance programs and achieving customer goals.

DSOI provides management experience coupled with marine engineering and operational excellence.

Crewing is a major component of vessel management, and DSOI employs a stringent recruitment selection process to ensure that it provides no less than top calibre manpower. Client satisfactions is the prime objective for DSOI’s Vessel Management Services and are continually improving our methods ensuring services are in line with client objectives.

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Marine operating services include:

  1. Vessel Chartering

  2. Integrated Logistics Support

  3. Vessel crewing

  4. Maintenance Engineering

  5. Safety System Management

  6. Quality System Management

  7. Property Management and Inventory Control

Deep Sea Offshore International Corp. has been awarded with Documents of Compliance (DOC) from Class NK on July 2011.

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